Reference Architecture Series – 4. Analytics for ITSM

There is an explosion of Operations Big Data generating Zettabytes of data every year from billions of connected devices – much of this data is unstructured. Resiliency depends on knowing what is next by providing early warning on potential failures in order to prevent system outages. Without visibility on unstructured data, critical issues occur and then IT reacts. Analytics is at the heart of finding patterns and providing actionable insights by processing high volumes of operational data in real time.

Traditionally, tools have been focused on providing IT operations staff with a “current” view into the health of the IT systems as a whole.  IT operations staff tend to react to issues when they occur. In today’s complex environments clients are challenged to deliver innovation and business value faster while optimizing operations.  The use of a new wave of analytics provides key new abilities to more efficiently manage those services. IT operations needs to endorse an analytics strategy which unifies the operations data from all aspects of managing the IT services, not just each processes’ silos.

This white paper is an introduction to IBM’s Analytics strategy for IT Service Management and provides an overview into three use cases: Predict, Search and Optimize:

  • Predict: Avoid outages and reduce operational costs by minimizing resources required to manage complex thresholds
  • Search: Reduce MTTR: Mean time to recover by quickly finding and fixing the problems through rapid analysis of all available operational data including metrics, logs, events, tickets
  • Optimize: Focus on operations that really matter by reducing events presented for action and reduce MTTR for incidents while making the most efficient use of your service desk staff



Link to the Analytics for ITSM Architecture Overview: ITSM Reference Architecture – Analytics – 1pager.pdf|View Details

Link to the Analytics for ITSM Reference Architecture Whitepaper: ITSM Reference Architecture – Analytics – Whitepaper.pdf|View Details

About the author

Bill Headlee is a Senior Managing Consultant out of the Dalls office. You may contact Bill at or at @bheadlee on Twitter


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