Reference Architecture Series – 2. Hybrid Management

The last few years has seen an increase in cloud usage. Enterprises like yours worldwide are leveraging cloud more and more for IT Services and computation needs. In 2015, 42% of the IT decision makers increased spending on cloud computing.

If your enterprise is like most others, you already have existing on-premise IT Systems. As you initiate strategic drivers to further your cloud usage, your enterprise will be increasing its hybrid IT environment (an IT environment containing both cloud and on-premise based IT systems).

The IBM Information Technology Systems Management (ITSM) Hybrid Reference Architecture enables your enterprise to control, automate and visualize both cloud and on-premise environments. These actions assure that hybrid based applications work optimally and avoid costly outages.

In this paper we will explore some strategic drivers summed up in a few real world scenarios that enterprises like yours are experiencing. We will also detail how the ITSM Reference Architecture assures the availability and performance of key applications that are adapting this hybrid environment.


Link to the Hybrid Management Architecture Overview ITSM Reference Architecture – Hybrid – 1pager.pdf|View Details

Link to the Hybrid Management Reference Architecture Whitepaper ITSM Reference Architecture – Hybrid – Whitepaper.pdf|View Details

About the author

Kevin Green is a Senior Solution Architect and Practice Lead out of the Raleigh office. You may contact Kevin at or at @Kevin_S_Green on Twitter


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